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In September 2021 will start in Aix the eighth edition of the Master in Business, Law and Economics. This program, hosted by the Department of Economics and Management of our University will be, for the first time, integrated into a broader national program « Master Economie du Droit » and developed in close cooperation with the prestigious Institut of Business Law from The Law School of Aix Marseille University.

This program builds on a long tradition developed in Aix-en-Provence, France; a tradition based on sound economics that promotes a dynamic, open-world, Austrian understanding of social phenomena and of the emergence and evolution of institutions.

Although the program is a two-year program, students have the possibility to apply directly to the second year if they already have completed at least four years of study at the university level.

While the first year of the Master is taught in French, the second year is taught entirely in English. During this second year, students will strengthen their knowledge of economics and learn how to apply it to various concrete problems. The faculty is particularly competent to supervise student’s research on the economic analysis of law, economic analysis of regulation, the economics of development, banking and monetary issues as well as a business organization.

This one-year program is open primarily to students with a background in economics, although we consider as well students with backgrounds in law, business or political science.
At the end of the year, if successful, students receive a Master habilitated by the French Ministry of Education. This Master opens the door to doctoral studies for the best students.

The BLE Research Master is a program of the Faculté d’économie et de gestion of Aix Marseille University. It benefits from strong interactions with the European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE), an international programme that has recently been recognized as an « Erasmus + » Master of “outstanding academic quality”.

For more information (in French) you can visit the website of the University.

Prof. Pierre Garello welcoming Master BLE students
Prof. Pierre Garello welcoming Master BLE students.

Part of the 2015-2016 promotion receiving the Master in Business, Law and Economics

during an Erasmus Mundus ceremony in Gent.